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Sol's video "My Baby Girl" reaches 250,000 views on YouTube!

When Geri Smith and I wrote "My Baby Girl" we had no idea how much of an impact it would make on the world. There was no way we could have known people from all over the world would choose it for the Father/Daughter dance at their weddings. It's been a joy and a blessing. Every week I get the most beautiful letters from across the globe thanking us for the song. 

Sol's performances this week:

Thursday July 24th I'll be at JD Shuckers in the Peddler's Village Shoping Center on RT 24 in Lewes,DE from 6pm-10pm.
Friday July 25th I will be at The Delaware State Fair in Harrington,DE. I'll be performing at "The Roost" from 8pm-11pm.
Saturday afternoon July 26th I will be performing at The Peninsula in Millsboro,DE from 1pm-4pm for their members.
Sunday July 27th I'll be doing my regular show at Annabella's on Savannah Rd in Lewes,DE from 5:30pm-8pm
Monday July 28th at the legendary Sambo's Tavern in Leipsic,DE from 7pm-9pm. By the way....if you love crabs, Sambo's is THE place to go!

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